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Commercial Strategy

Dorrington specialises in repositioning buildings through design led refurbishment and active management

Offices are our preferred asset class, with Central London submarkets or “villages” being the prime focus of our activities. We are responsive to new opportunities in the market and target emerging locations.

Our overall approach is to build up a cluster of investments where we identify an under-valued area or asset class.

We have a reputation for integrity and performance. Agents and vendors recognise our ability to follow through effectively and efficiently and to complete our due diligence within pre-agreed timeframes almost always purchasing using existing financial facilities, without the need for independent valuations or loan finance.

Repositioning Investments

Dorrington specialises in increasing the value of, and repositioning, buildings through design led refurbishment and proactive management of occupational leases. A hands on approach is adopted with a focus on treating tenants as customers.

We are entrepreneurial and
welcome management-intensive

Property investment can be likened to a manufacturing and distribution process.

Our raw materials are those buildings in need of improvement and let on leases which constrain their full potential. Our manufacturing skill is in creating a new product through modernisation of the building fabric and restructuring of tenure and tenancies. Our distribution is effected through creative marketing and a network which ensures that best value is obtained.

The Dorrington brand is recognised by occupiers and investors alike.


Our attention to detail is evident in our developments which form an important part of our approach to achieving a balanced portfolio. We have a track record in creating innovative residential and commercial buildings, whether converting and refurbishing older structures, or building anew.