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Section 172 (1) statement


Section 172 (1) statement:-
Dorrington PLC
Dorrington Estates Limited
Dorrington Property Group Limited

Section 172 (1) statement – Engaging with stakeholders

The success of our business is dependent on the support of all of our stakeholders. Building positive relationships is important to us, and working together towards shared goals assists us in delivering long- term sustainable success.


We rely on the support of shareholders and their opinions are important to us. We have open communication with our shareholders, which cover a wide range of topics including financial performance, strategy and outlook.


The health and wellbeing of our colleagues is a priority.

We have invested in additional IT equipment to enable our colleagues to work from home during COVID 19 government lockdown. In the office we carried out a thorough risk assessment and put extra hygiene measures and social distancing rules in place to protect the health and safety of everyone in the building.

We provide an Employee Assistance Programme as a support mechanism for anyone facing mental health challenges.

Training opportunities have continued virtually throughout the year.


Our ambition is to deliver best-in-class service to our commercial and residential occupiers. We utilise surveys with residential customers to understand their needs and views and listen to how we can improve our offer and service to them. We use this knowledge to inform our decision-making.


The Board recognises that relationships with trusted suppliers are integral to the business’s long-term success. We build strong relationships with our suppliers to develop mutually beneficial and lasting partnerships.


We aim to contribute to the communities in which we operate in a proactive and positive way. We support and encourage our colleagues to contribute to non-profit and charitable organisations; particularly those associated with our communities.


An ESG Steering Committee has been formed and holds regular meetings to review our progress related to our ESG commitments.

The Group is now a corporate member of the UK Green Building Council, an industry body representing leadership in sustainability.

For a full disclosure on the energy and carbon reporting, refer to the strategic report of the parent company Hanover Acceptances Limited.

Government and regulators

We engage with government, regulators and other authorities primarily through our active membership of the British Property Federation and its various committees. The Board is updated on legal and regulatory developments and takes these into account when considering future actions.